New Favorites: Men’s cardigans a girl could love

Men's cardigans a girl could love

I’ve still got cardigans on the brain, but the lower the temperature drops, the more I find myself looking at the various men’s sweaters in my favorites lists. Why is it that guy sweaters just seem warmer? Given how few men there are in the world who are willing to wear a cardigan, it’s also sort of unfair how many great patterns there are. I know there are girl equivalents of these, but I’m picturing myself in:

TOP LEFT: Man’s Cable Cardigan pattern by Josh Bennett — I’ve met Bennett’s own Felted Tweed version of this and longed for it ever since

TOP RIGHT: East Hale Cardigan pattern by Alexis Winslow — sporty, simple and cozy, with zip front

BOTTOM LEFT: Slade cardigan pattern by Michele Wang — don’t tell anyone, but I may have cast on a sleeve late Sunday night

BOTTOM RIGHT: Tristan cardigan pattern by Todd Gocken — totally retro and I totally want it

There’s also (the aforementioned) Timberline, EZ’s Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan, and the list goes on …


18 thoughts on “New Favorites: Men’s cardigans a girl could love

  1. Beautiful sweaters! (Or should I say handsome?) I many many times wonder, looking at clothes and colors, why men’s clothes seem to be the warmest looking and have the most vivid selection of colors. The beauty of knitting (or sewing) yourself – control!
    Slade is my favorite. These designers… DANG. Fun to look through all of their creations. (I love beginning my morning this way – with coffee, of course.)

  2. I feel the same way about these sweaters. They not only look cozier, but I like the boxier fit, always have. I seldom go for a “fitted” sweater. I prefer my curves to be….um…skimmed.

    Slade is my fave, too. I also like the simplicity of East Hale, but I don’t have any experience with putting zippers into hand knits. It’s a little scawy for me. ;-)

    Are you using Shelter, Karen? I have yet to try it and would love to hear some feedback. I did get to squeeze some recently and found it much softer than I expected.

    • I’ve been working with Shelter on my Acer, but for Slade I’m thinking of using something else. I have a sweater’s worth of Shibui Merino Alpaca I’d like to use for it — will make it a little more substantial, but I think that’s good. I’m doing half a sleeve as my big swatch and will see what I think …

  3. It’s funny that you should blog about men’s cardigans today because I just swatched for my hubby’s sweater and am excited to cast on. Sadly, he’s not a cardi kind of guy so what I plan to knit is a pullover, but what I would really love to knit is Bespoken … maybe I should just knit it for me!


  4. My husband bundled me secretively into a shop today and confessed that he wanted to buy a cardigan. I guess I will start knitting for him after all!

    • Cardigans for men do seem to be trending, but I’m certain my husband will never be caught dead in one. Especially now that he’s old enough to be mistaken for someone’s grandpa.

  5. I do wish there was a decent men’s jumper pattern – it’s so difficult to get one that gives a good fit in both the neck and the shoulders. How much I’d love to knit him one of these cardigans realistically I’d be knitting it for me. The bonus is that my DD and I keep warm in winter by swanning around in oversized men’s jumpers.

  6. I have been lusting over the Slade cardi since it was released! I just don’t have the time commitment for that much stockinette right now (at such a small gauge) though… you need to be in the right mind for it, I think.

  7. You know what? My husband and I are approximately the same size! Well, hes just enough bigger than I am to ensure that his sweaters are the perfect amount of “oversized”. We have a few sweaters that we actually share (one black and tobacco striped cashmere jcrew vneck I thrifted last winter is the one we share the most) and I think I might make this for both of us to share…would certainly justify the cost of yarn!

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