DIY Comme des Garçons granny-square scarf

How to crochet a granny-square scarf

Granny squares have officially hit the Fashion Bigtime, friends. The legendary Comme des Garçons has put out a granny-square scarf, available in black/off-white and grey/off-white at La Garçonne. Of course, they don’t call it a granny-square scarf; it is a Square Crochet Stole (“crocheted … in alternating nested square pattern”). It’s granny cool, for sure, but if I ever drop $495 on a scarf, it won’t be 70% acrylic. Of course, anyone who can crochet a granny square could make themselves a 100% cashmere version for less than that — or a merino one that looks like a bargain by comparison.

My crochet skills are rusty, at best, but there’s no better learning or re-learning project for crochet than this ultra-basic form of the granny square. And it’s easy enough to seam a bunch of them into a long rectangle. But the striking thing about the Comme scarf is the diagonal of the pattern, and the trick to that is the half-squares (aka triangles) needed to fill out the edges. Friday night I sought out two good solid videos: how to crochet a granny square and how to crochet a half-granny square.* Then I sat down and made my first granny square in decades, and was reminded again of how much I love the motion of a crochet hook — truly addictive. So there may be some squares and half-squares in my future.

You could do this in any yarn and weight you like. Just make a square you like the looks of, measure it, then calculate or diagram how many you’d need — laid on a diagonal — to get the width and length you want. And from that, figure out how many triangles that leaves along the four edges. (Note that you’ll need four half-triangles — quarter-grannies? — for the four corners.) I’m guessing the CdG stole is worsted weight, each square about 5 or 6″ wide, and that they’re laid out four or five across and twelve or thirteen down. It lists a finished size of 25×77 inches, which is pretty deliciously voluminous.

For those with more advanced crochet skills, check out the pinwheel motif version being sold alongside the grannies.


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*Note that the first video uses the term “treble crochet” and the second uses “double crochet” — they are different names for the same stitch.

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  1. If the squares are laid on a diagonal, I think you are going to use some half squares along the edges too. The scarf looks really chic.

  2. That scarf looks so dang GOOD! Visualizing it in the yarns you suggested – wow! The last time I made a granny square was for a afghan for my (now ex) mother’n’law… a long time ago, probably 100% acrylic. It was very bright… ;)
    I keep my hand in with crochet by crocheting bowls from little left over yarn balls. Also, I’ve been noticing that crocheted hats – really CUTE crocheted hats – have been catching my attention. And now there are crochet hooks with wonderfully comfortable handles – big relief.

  3. Crochet is living a big renaissance since last year… I think that what makes this very contemporary and less “granny” is the colour combination of muted colours – the original granny crochet stuff from the last time it was in fashion… around the 70’s & 80’s (horror!!!)… was mostly in bright colours with an overuse of brown + orange! (shudder)!
    This scarf is actually really lovely though… impressive what colours can achieve!
    Great links, too!

  4. A crochet post!!! Yay … cuz I love hooking! ;-)

    Crochet is addictive. Much easier, faster and forgiving than knitting (which makes it the perfect travel project). The thing to remember though, is that a stitch is basically the yarn doubled. So, if you don’t want it to get too clunky, you should go down in yarn weight. The scarf above is cute, but to me it looks awkward…like she’s trying to swath a blanket around her neck.

    Another thing about those half triangles….if you keep going with one, you get a classic triangular shawl. I have made a lot of these with silk lace weight ( like Handmaiden Marrakesh) and a small hook and those shawl/scarves get the most oohs and ahs of any of my projects. Not to mention, almost nothing feels better against the sensitive neck skin.

    • It’s funny you say that, because after making that one square the other night, I started thinking about various ways to make a triangle/kerchief. Love the idea of that.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration!
    But you don’t have to seam the squares, they are crocheted one to another :-)

  6. As I remember it, the crochet stitch where you do one yarnover before beginning is called “treble” in British directions ans “double” in American directions. The “treble”in American directions requires Two yarnovers before starting.

  7. $495 is a pretty penny. Until one remembers that crochet is the one craft that hasn’t been duplicated in a machine. True, wool or a wool blend would be nicer, but finally there is a price that matches the amount of work put into a garment that is offered through a store.

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