Best of the Best of Spring 2014: Michael Kors

Michael Kors Spring 2014 knit and crochet goodness

After being sick for most of September, I’ve spent more time catching up with my inbox than with the catwalks of New York, London and Paris. The Michael Kors show was weeks ago, and there have been countless others since that I may never see, but I’m comfortable calling these my favorite knits (and crochet!) of Spring 2014 regardless.


10 thoughts on “Best of the Best of Spring 2014: Michael Kors

    • I know! Designers love to show those kinds of briefs — knitted or otherwise — and I have no idea where a person is supposed to wear them other than on a catwalk. But I want want want those two pieces.

      • Under a full skirt? Would be great in the winter over a pair of tights! (oop…UNDER the full skirt, I mean) ;-D

        Call me plain, but the cozy top jumper is the one calling my name, but maybe I am just cold.

  1. Guess I better ‘buy’ that sliver of a belt … oh to be young, tall, and beautiful, again !!

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