Knit the Look: Sabrina Meijer’s graphic pullover

How to knit Sabrina Meijer's op art sweater — sort of

This makes me want to reminisce about the pleated mega-houndstooth mini I wore and loved in college, but I promise to stay on topic. Which is Sabrina Meijer, her preppy houndstooth trousers, and the op art sweater she paired them with. I can’t tell you how to replicate it exactly (and is it perhaps a shell, worn with a cobalt cardigan?), but I can tell you how to knit an equally eye-popping sweater of your own. All you need is Julia Farwell-Clay’s Albers Pullover pattern, which, despite the famed color sense of Mr. and Mrs. Albers, I’ve always thought really wants to be black and white. Unfortunately, the recommended yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery, which sounds lovely, isn’t available in black. So I’d suggest Rowan Wool Cotton in Antique and Inky.

Check out Vanessa’s original post for suggestions on the rest of Sabrina’s outfit.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

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