New Favorites: Breathtaking BT sweaters

Oshima and Stonecutter sweater knitting patterns from BT Fall 13

So it’s officially fall — equinox or no equinox. The first NFL game has been played. The new iPhone has been announced. Annnnd let’s see … what else? Right, Brooklyn Tweed’s Fall 13 pattern collection has been unveiled. You may have seen the lookbook yesterday. It’s 106 pages of cables and camping, so you know I’m in, but for me it’s all about these two sweaters:

ON TOP is Oshima by Jared Flood. (I literally just paused and let out a big meaningful sigh after typing that! Hilarious.) Brioche-yoked and cowl-necked, it’s one of the very few cable-free pieces in the collection and it’s just stunning. I can’t resist describing that top right photo as “Helmut Lang takes a hike.” That back shoulder detail just kills me.

ON BOTTOM is Stonecutter by Michele Wang. Nevermind a little pause-and-sigh, I wish you could have heard the sound that came out of me when I first laid eyes on these photos. This is not a word I throw around lightly (unlike, say, “obsession”) but I have no qualms about calling this a masterpiece. The hip detail, the magnificent center cables, the little rolled neck. It’s perfection from start to finish.

The thing about a design as perfect as that is it sends me into a little existential knitting crisis, as there is absolutely nowhere for me to insert myself into it. I wouldn’t even change the color, much less modify it in any way. I would want to knit it exactly as written, and in that case I can’t help wishing someone would just sell it to me. But I both admire and want it so much I may knit it anyway, and when someone says to me, “Wow, did you knit that sweater you’re wearing?,” I’d have the immense pleasure of saying, “Yes.” I had nothing else on earth to do with its existence, but every twist and turn of every cable, yes, I did knit it myself.


13 thoughts on “New Favorites: Breathtaking BT sweaters

  1. I have to admit the Brooklyn tweed Look-Books always tend to leave me breathless. I know exactly how you’re feeling when you look at Stonecutter – I feel the same!

  2. Oh.. My.. Knitting.. Goddesses! These people are so damn creative! The gorgeous tailored look of Oshima stopped my heart for a few seconds. Its Jared Flood – well, DAH.

  3. Already downloaded the pattern for Oshima and ordered the wool at 11pm last night. The impulse was too strong!

  4. I had the EXACT SAME reaction to this lookbook (and most BT lookbooks). These were also some of my favorites, but the one that really killed me was the Vale poncho. I ordered my yarn about 20 minutes after oggling over that sweater. I honestly wouldn’t love knitting as much as I do if it weren’t for BT.

  5. Those sweaters (and the entire lookbook) are stunners. I also really dig the uber cozy-looking Hartford and the asymmetrical Coal cardi.

  6. Oh, BT. They are very sigh-worthy, so stunningly photographed!

    I cannot get my mind around these stunning cables. I’ve actually just started knitting my first ever cable sweater (the Aidez) and I’m always trying to imagine the thought and careful detail that went into DESIGNING such an item! It makes me feel like a fraud to knit it up and I’m embarrassed when people tell me my knits are lovely, because yeah sure, anyone can follow a knitting pattern, but it takes amazing talent to design such a thing.

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