Knit the Look: Alison Nix’s cabled cowl

How to knit Alixon Nix's cabled cowl

Really, I am not saying I’m over cowls. (Heaven forfend!) I’m just saying I’m making room in my heart for scarves as well. For one thing, I’ve still never knitted the Burberry-Inspired Cowl pattern that I fell for at Haus of Yarn the week I learned to knit. I don’t remember what they had made their sample in, but it was the best rendition I’ve seen of that pattern — bulky and fuzzy and a beautiful shade of burgundy. And this photo of model Alison Nix has me wanting it all over again. To render it as beautifully as this one, you’d want to use something really wooly with a bit of a halo, such as Rowan Cocoon in Shale. To pump up the volume a little bit, I’d add at least one pattern multiple in each direction. Or, keep all the numbers the same but use an even bigger yarn and needles.

UPDATE: The astute Olga Buraya-Kefelian points out in the comments that another great option is Kristin Ford’s pattern Piega, which actually has the exact same structure as the one Alison is wearing in the photo, but it is written for DK weight yarn. You could knit it as written or, again, go up in yarn and needle size for a bulkier version. Thanks, Olga!

See Vanessa’s original post for tips on recreating the rest of Alison’s look.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

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    • Olga, good catch! I didn’t even go searching on this one because that Burberryish cowl was already in my brain. I’ll post an update — thank you.

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