Shop note: Cheaper shipping!

Fringe Supply Co. reduced shipping fees

This is just a quick note but an exciting and important one. It’s been basically six months since I opened the shop for real (following the joyride of the holiday pop-up it started out as). In that time, I’ve learned a lot, established systems, tracked numbers, switched carriers, and made some changes to the product lineup. Thanks to all of those things and also some improvements to the glorious and wonderful service known as USPS Priority Mail (and I mean that so so seriously — I love you Priority Mail!), I’m happy to announce that I’ve lowered the domestic shipping fees today. Orders up to $48 now ship for $6, and orders $48.01 and up ship for $10. That latter number is an especially big drop from before. It’s my wish to keep shipping fees as low as possible without putting myself out of business, and hopefully I haven’t been overly optimistic here. But I feel really good about this change, and hope you will too!

(Unfortunately, I still haven’t solved the conundrum of automating equitable shipping fees for non-US customers, so international orders still require a separate shipping quote based on the exact contents of your order and where it’s being shipped to.)

Please note that orders received today or that have not yet shipped (i.e., the backorders) will be receiving a price adjustment on the shipping fee to reflect today’s change. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to everyone who shops at Fringe Supply Co., thereby supporting both the shop and this blog. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Shop note: Cheaper shipping!

  1. Shipping costs are always such a deterrent for shoppers like me who like good quality stuff and would rather put the money in the materials than in the shipping. Thanks for doing the research on this and passing it along to your customers!!

  2. Great news, Karen!! You know I love it! Hey, your totes are just about sold out here at the LYS…now I have both of yours, AND I got to plug you as an independent business woman!!

    Carolyn (in Macon).

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