New Favorites: Twist Collective’s cabled delights

Twist Collective tweed cable sweaters and mittens

The fall 2013 edition of Twist Collective includes a pattern collection titled Woolgathering that is full of woolly cabled delights. But what makes me love it more than the tweeds or the cables, or even the tweed cables, is that the story was so beautifully and unfussily shot by Jane Heller and features this grande dame of a model. Magnificent.

TOP LEFT: Rafters by Stephannie Tallent, seamless shawl-collared cardigan (+Ravelry)

TOP RIGHT: Apple Catchers by Rachel Coopey, ribbed and cabled mittens (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM LEFT: Foxcroft by Marnie MacLean, shawl-collared pullover (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Literati by Amy Herzog, cabled-lace argyle cardigan (+Ravelry)


In other news, ICYMI for this week is a sort of back to the future: Best of Fall 2013, NYC. (Back to the future? The then-future is now?)

10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Twist Collective’s cabled delights

  1. I loved this section of Twist. I’m a sucker for cables anyway, but these are splendid and the colours are amazing. And the model….she is so beautiful, and it’s so refreshing that they chose her.

  2. Beautiful knits, but oh my goodness, what a beautiful green jacket! A bouquet of yarn for anyone who can tell me where I can buy it!

  3. Oh! May I continue to age into a gorgeous yarn-covered woman like Jane’s Mom! And all these wonderful designers – this ideas will keep busy exploring. What fun!

  4. I so love seeing knitting patterns for women my age. It can be very tiring to just see models who are very young and very thin. A lot of us are not. Please include more women and men of the elder age.
    Thank you

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