New Favorites: Quince cardigans

New cardigan patterns from Quince and Company, Hypatia and Marlena

Pretty new cardigan patterns coming out of Quince and Company lately:

TOP: Hypatia by Dawn Catanzaro, stockinette knitted sideways in one piece (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM: Marlena by Bristol Ivy, reverse stockinette with great cables around the collar and on the pockets (+Ravelry)


11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Quince cardigans

  1. I really love Hypatia, and using Quinces owl like they have in the sample. I ordered a skein to see what it was like and fell in love!

  2. Ooh, I love these too! BTW I’ve just finished a sample for Quince and Co’s Carrie Bostick Hoge that is sure to become another coveted piece. Not sure when it will come out though…

  3. Just discovered your blog and have scanned through it all. I really love all the recommendations that you make – trawling through lots of rubbish on Ravelry to get to the good stuff takes too long, and now I don’t need to! Just cast on a couple of your recent featured jumpers – Mix No. 19 and Mix No. 21, then onto Relax and Beaubourg. I have so much lovely yarn to use up… Thank you for such a helpful blog!!

  4. When I saw these cardigans in my Quince & Co email I immediately went to ravelry and queued them both. SO beautiful! I especially love the first one.

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