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Sincere Sheep Shepherdess Worsted now available at Fringe Supply Co

After months of hints and promises from me, Sincere Sheep’s new Shepherdess Worsted is finally available at Fringe Supply Co.! Like a meritage of only the best red grapes, this yarn is a blend of fine wools resulting in a softness rating equivalent to merino. It’s a fantastic all-around yarn suitable for any worsted-weight pattern — all naturally dyed, of course, by Brooke Sinnes herself in Napa CA. A skein of any one of these colors would be great for knitting yesterday’s ribbed hat. In fact, I’m a little obsessed with the idea of knitting it in that almost-acid green. (I used to have a thin wool wrap this color and it was bizarre how it went with absolutely everything — especially a trench coat.)

Thanks again for the great conversation this week. If you haven’t weighed in about winding yet, it’s never too late! In store for the blog next week: I have another amazing installment of Our Tools, Ourselves; a collaboration for the shop that’s been months in the making, which I’m profoundly excited about; and if I get all the bits together in time, a new super easy and charming fingerless mitts pattern! So have a great weekend (tell me what you’re making!) and I’ll see you back here next week—


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