New Favorites: Rekaviður

Rekaviður hat pattern by Bristol Ivy

Bristol Ivy has done it again. Rekaviður is apparently pronounced “ray-ka-VEE-thur” and is Icelandic for driftwood. It’s also the name of her darling new hat pattern. The cable-like shapes are actually knitted in some form of smocking stitch, not cabled at all, and the way they float up and down the hat at varying levels reminds me of some kind of seaweed, or any number of things from the ’70s. (Lava lamps, bead curtains …) And also of points plotted along the curves of a graph. Which would make sense, coming from the woman who tracks “the Stock(inette) Market.” All visual references aside though, it’s just a fantastic hat that looks like it would also be tons of fun to knit.


For In Case You Missed It this week, more on that subject — Knitter’s Delight: Beautifully textured hats.

3 thoughts on “New Favorites: Rekaviður

  1. What a great word. And hat. And what I’d rather be doing instead of writing IEPs at work.

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