Acer and open house

Acer cardigan knitted up to the underarms

After constantly setting it aside in favor of newer, quicker projects, I’m finally getting somewhere on this Acer cardigan of mine — thanks in large part to having taken it and only it on my latest trip. (Where I also cast on the sleeve; I don’t dare knit the lace bits while talking and drinking.) I’m sizing it to match my very favorite cardigan — this camel cabled J.Crew number from a few years back — and I was surprised to see I’ve reached the desired body depth. However, the armholes on Acer are a little smaller, so I’m going to knit another inch or two to compensate, before beginning to shape the fronts and back. Which is new territory! I love new territory.

But the biggest thing happening this weekend is the Fringe Supply Co. open house! As previously mentioned, the artists in my compound are having open studios and I’m taking it as an opportunity to let people shop the Fringe shelves in person. And BONUS! Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep is going to be here with a big heap of yarn, including a new worsted-weight that isn’t listed in the shop yet. (But will be!) So if you’re anywhere near Berkeley, come see great art, hear great music, eat great hot dogs, and pick up all those lovely goods you know you’ve been wanting! More details here.

Fringe Supply Co open house

See you back here next week!


9 thoughts on “Acer and open house

  1. Let’s ROCK this! The shop looks yummy! I am sure when the Sincere Sheep arrives, the picture will be irresistible. Wooly goodness all around.

  2. Your sweater looks great! Have a fantastic open house! I wish I could be there. (I’m sure it will be a LOT more fun than the open house we have at school…)

  3. Acer is looking good!
    I’m bummed I won’t be making it to the open house. I have to be at a birthday party in Marin at 2pm.

  4. You haven’t idea how badly I want to be there :(

    Your sweater is so wonderful Karen! I love it. You’ve provided some inspiration to get that Chicane I’m working on done. :)

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