New Favorites: Cheerful shoulderwear

Colorful shawl and cowl from Knitscene Accessories 2013

Shoulderwear? If it’s not a word, it should be. Anyway, I might have to buy the new Knitscene Accessories, drawn in by these two wraps:

TOP: San Cristóbal Shawl by Ashley Rao, which would be great with or without the fringe.

BOTTOM: Icelandic Star Cowl by Julia Farwell-Clay, which of course I’m imagining in charcoal and ivory even though that would suck all the cheerfulness right out of it.


On another bright note, this week’s ICYMI post is Knit the Look: Elisa Nalin’s pink-striped pullover.

6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Cheerful shoulderwear

  1. I pinned the San Cristóbal Shawl this week, as well, and think the styling might be a huge part of why I am so taken with it…I love the ‘Frida’ feel with the big head flowers! So perfect.

  2. I agree — the styling is pretty great on these. (And those clouds!) So many great designs get so horrendously styled, so it’s nice to see some knitmag photos I’m happy to feature.

  3. Oh boy, I’m gonna need that San Cristobal….I’m never gonna catch up! :) But I really need to have that, it’s the perfect color and such a beautiful design. Thanks Karen! I think, haha. My knitting project list = out of control.

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