A study in benign neglect

top-down sweater almost finished

Would you just look at this sweet, simple, ultra-versatile sweater — my future best friend — hanging around patiently with its waist missing? I can’t take it anymore. If you catch me working on anything other than this little chum over the weekend, please slap me around. My goal is to have it blocked and shot for next week.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to tell me what you’re working on!


14 thoughts on “A study in benign neglect

  1. ooh that shade of blue! best of luck finishing! it’s my same goal, to complete a sweater that’s been on my needles since march. this is the weekend! (crossing fingers)

  2. Just want to let you know I finished my first sweater two weeks ago. It’s a Raglan and I was very inspired by your short sleeve Raglan. I took your advise and tried it on every few days – and it fits perfectly! Thanks for the advice and great blog!

  3. One of these dayssssss I am going to graduate from scarves and dishrags and try a sweater ! yours are soooooooooooo pretty!

  4. Yum – great color. I bought the new BT pattern – Sandycove. Currently getting gauge and am determined to have it knit within a week. :oP

  5. Oooh… how interesting, those reserved stitches. Lovely photo… grabs ! I am working on a very fast (improvised) pair of socks to take to a birthday party for someone who is turning 90 (my FIL) I’m looking forward to being inventive without deadlines after that. :) Maybe a couple of months will be.

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