Annie Williams, Han Starnes and Josi Faye

Annie Williams, Han Starnes and Josi Faye

When I saw this leather-and-stockinette clutch on Pinterest several weeks ago, I had to know more. Namely whether the designer — Nashville leather-crafter and musician Annie Williams — is a knitter. It turns out this piece is a collaboration with Williams’ studiomate Han Starnes, who not only spins and sells yarn but has a new line of beautiful handknits called Josi Faye. And yes, I will definitely be trying to swing a visit to that studio next time I’m in Nashville.

The clutch will be available August 1st on For glimpses of Starnes’ fiber-filled workspace, follow her on Instagram.


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  1. Holy crap that bag is awesome!! I mean…seriously!?!?@#%^


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