FO Sightings: Z’s coveted closet of handmade clothes

Z's coveted closet of handmade clothes

This girl and her closet are killing me. The beautiful sweaters and tunics. The mix-and-match-plaid tops. That killer olive raincoat with the grommets! All of it handmade. She is known only as “Z” (or by her Ravelry name, grimfrosties!) and lately I’ve been stalking her blog, Quixotic Thread, waiting for more garments to appear. Z has amazing knitting and sewing skills, great taste in patterns, and a knack for subtle but meaningful mods, whether it’s reshaping a neckline or adding those aforementioned grommets. I feel like she could single-handedly transform North America’s idea of what homemade clothes look like.

Z, more please!

1. Black Linen Tova, from the popular Wiksten pattern

2. Nude Beaubourg, a modification of the Julie Hoover pattern

3. Exeter, faithfully knitted to the Michele Wang pattern

4. Perfect Plaid, adapted from a pattern in the book “Sew U”

5. Lattice Top, from the Purl Bee’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top pattern

6. Ubiquitous Olive Jacket, adapted from the Built By Wendy pattern Simplicity 3694


20 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Z’s coveted closet of handmade clothes

  1. As usual, you bring the happy to my day! Thanks for this sighting! (But also, oh, no, now I’ll never get my work done for looking at her beautiful things!)

    • I guess that’s the upside of her blog only being a couple of pages long so far — a rabbit hole that’s not *too* problematically deep.

  2. Love these, especially the mods to her Beaubourg! I wish I’d seen this before I finished mine (which I also knit out of Eco Cloud), just because of how inspiring these details are.

  3. It’s so great to see Z’s Lattice top as I’ve been contemplating knitting that pattern and would love to mimic her color choices. As for that awesome plaid shirt … oh my!

  4. I’ve been thinking about knitting the Purl Bee’s Lattice Top, and Z’s version just moved that pattern to the top of my queue.

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