Wraps I’d like to knit for my mother

wraps to knit for mom

Dear Mom—

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I didn’t knit you anything for Mother’s Day this year. (Sad face.) BUT I have been thinking a lot about that conversation we had when I first started knitting. You know, the one where I showed you a bunch of lovely things I wasn’t qualified to knit? Most of those are still a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m feeling pretty confident in my junior lace-knitting skills these days and am eager to try to my hand at something a little bit fancier for you. But this time I want you to have a hand in picking it out. Here are some ideas (additional images of each if you click the links), but if none of them makes your heart leap with longing, we can look at other options — there’s no end of them. Think about colors, too, and we’ll pick out the yarn together once we’ve decided on a pattern. Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for being you — I love you!

1. Snowflake Stole by Véronik Avery, very straightforward and lovely

2. Checkerboard Lace Scarf from the Purl Bee, could easily be knitted to more wrap-like proportions if you like

3. Edie triangular shawl by Bristol Ivy, probably the most ambitious of the 4, but I can do it!

4. Terra triangular shawl by Jared Flood, simpler overall texture with a few lace repeats along the edges


Dear everyone else, this week’s ICYMI post is last year’s Mother’s Day post, A kerchief for my mother.

9 thoughts on “Wraps I’d like to knit for my mother

  1. so sweet, i love this karen, your mom is lucky to have you. knitting for someone else is a beautiful way to show your love. i saw where you were getting a bit out of control, me too, we’re in good company i think :)

  2. gorgeous picks!
    (one of my favorite shawls/triangle scarves to knit is the Icarus shawl – it was in Interweave. i used Rowan cashcotton DK – such a yummy yarn.) ;)

  3. Edie’s really easy! I just finished one for a friend — I recommend it!

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