Knit the Look: An emerald scarf-shawl

How to make a knitted version of this silk scarf-shawl

I remember once seeing a knitter tweeting about finishing a triangular shawl and wondering whether only knitters wear shawls. I think the answer is pretty much yes. But there’s so much potential there! I am completely in love with this girl with her giant silk paisley scarf folded into a triangle and worn as a shawl with faded jeans. I love the emerald — color of the year or not — and it sent me in search of something I never imagined wanting: a colorwork shawl, in the realm of a scarf print. Or better yet, a square lap blanket that can be worn folded like this, such as Kate Davies’ Tír Chonaill — ideally converted to fingering weight, and knitted with something like Valley Yarns BFL Hand Dyed in Hemlock for the varying yellow-greens, paired with a natural. To give it that classic scarf edge, knit a thin border in the natural, followed by a wide one in a matching solid green. (And hey, for the socks, have you seen the new Petit Fours pattern at Quince and Co? A near-perfect match.)

See Vanessa’s recommendations for the rest of the outfit.

Unrelated: This week’s ICYMI post is Blog Crush: Karen Barbé, who never ceases to wow me.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

5 thoughts on “Knit the Look: An emerald scarf-shawl

  1. Gosh, I love a shawl. My sister wears them, and she’s not a knitter. She wears the ones I make for her! I still love that gigantic garter stitch one that was all over pinterest for a while…

  2. I’m terrible at color work. I could never make that amazing Kate Davies piece of art!

  3. i love the shawl, the colorwork and the emerald! you could really do this karen, two color makes it a lot simpler. have you seen the harpa by cirilia rose? its a smaller scale scarf/wrap and the pattern is very similar to kates blanket shawl.

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