Pictures of an actual thing that I knitted

walpole cardigan belted

Oh hey look, I finished something! It’s literally just a sliver of a thing, and not even a standalone thing — just that aforementioned little belt for my Walpole — but it’s the first thing I’ve bound off in quite awhile. Normally, I remove these kind of belt-tie-thingies from cardigans because I think they make me look thick, but this cardigan needs some closure. What do you think — dowdy?

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend. I’ll be fixing the error in my Acer and marching onward! And/or maybe casting on something new. Of course, you know I’d love to hear about what you’re working on …


27 thoughts on “Pictures of an actual thing that I knitted

  1. Im nearing the end of my Sibella pullover, I should be able to cast off today! Im using tern (fingering weight silk/wool blend) instead of the Chickadee (sport weight) called for but its making such gorgeous fabric, so light and perfect for midwest spring temperature swings!

  2. Actually I like it a lot! It naturally suits the cardie – and I think that you’ve got the width down pat too! I might have gone for a different colour – but I’m naturally contrary!

    I’m in the middle of a jumper for my hubby – will post pix when I’m done.

    Have a fab weekend (it’s May Day Bank holiday here in the UK on Monday, so we’re all gearing up for a long weekend). Perfect for the crafting community – I’d better get busy!

    • I’m jealous of the long weekend! My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and he has today off, so it’s a 3-day weekend for him but not for me. Don’t tell him, but his present is that I’m finally going to cast on (or at least swatch) the sweater he’s been asking for forever.

  3. hurray! definetly not dowdy. i’m making a reverse ss stitch, reverse fair isle sweater with jameson fingering weight, very slow going but lovely (i hope).

    • That sounds incredibly ambitious. I love exposed floats. One of my favorite cardigans is a black and ivory J.Crew Collection thing I’ve had for a few years, since before I knew anything about knitting. I had always wondered what on earth it was — what this odd textile was called, or how it was made. I only realized while seeing a post about reverse fair isle on fromthepurlside’s blog recently that that’s what it is. I should post a pic of it sometime.

  4. It’s a good feeling to finish things – even if it’s just a belt! Which, by the way, is perfect for the sweater! Nicely done! chris

  5. I think the belt makes it more versatile – I find that belted it feels a bit dressy, whereas unbelted has a more casual look. Nice that you can now wear it both ways!

    Projects- I finally started my Nightingale Vest and everything else has fallen by the wayside as the bell stitch is so fun! You can see the addictive little blighters here -


  6. Looks great! A friend made a sweater once that was a LOT of work, and she posted it on her site asking if it was dowdy and if she should frog it. I was the only one who told her she should frog it or give it to her mother. This is NOT dowdy! :)

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