Gridjunky, I think I love you

jerome sevilla gridjunky knitted hats

So last night, after a lovely warm weekend away from my computer, I’m sitting on my couch, surfing the web, wondering what this morning’s blog post might be. And suddenly I have an email from Meg about Jerome Sevilla, aka Gridjunky, who buys mass-market sweaters second-hand, unravels them, and knits them into mathematically fascinating hats. I not only love the hats, I love the way he thinks and writes about them. Here’s hoping I can get him to do Our Tools, Ourselves. In the meantime, feast your eyes on his blog and Flickr.

Thanks, Meg!


Speaking of magnificent hats, this week’s ICYMI post is FO Sightings: Kent Turman’s impeccable headwear.

17 thoughts on “Gridjunky, I think I love you

  1. Oh, man! How great is this guy, and how fantastic are his hats???? YES- I hope he does the Our Tools, Ourselves for you! Thanks for introducing him to us. (Me, anyway!)

  2. Love love love the geeks and his hats are so good! Is he on Ravelry? Yes please may we have more of this guy!

  3. I consider myself a lapsed mathematician. Jerome’s patterns make me want to break out the textbooks (yikes!!) thanks for sharing!

  4. Whoa… thank you, Dudes! I’m glad people are noticing the relevance of the math because well… it’s pretty important, isn’t it?

  5. he’s one of my favorites as well!
    (i wish he would sell his patterns….the math* makes my head hurt!) ;)
    * i’m wondering if he uses graph paper?

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  8. I love this site ,was just introduced to it through Knitting Paradise .
    Math , well can’t do it ,I can knit and crochet .My main work these days is cutting up sweaters and making them into mittens ,hats ,cashmere lap quilts etc etc .

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