Purls vs. pixels

knitting belt for walpole

I’m pretty sure I knitted a grand total of 35 stitches this week — 5 thrilling rows of this 1×1 band of Kathmandu Chunky, which is meant to be a belt/tie for my Walpole cardigan. I’m juggling projects, as well as working on some new merch for Fringe Supply and sprucing up the blog design a bit — have you noticed? — which means I’ve spent late evenings with my laptop instead of my needles. But I’m determined to wall off a few hours this weekend for nothing but knitting. You?

By the way, I’ve recently fallen back in love with Instagram in a big way, and, have been seeking out inspiring makers and foodies and farmers to feed my psychovisual needs. Look me up if you’re there — I’m karentempler.


5 thoughts on “Purls vs. pixels

  1. Hello Karen! Wowwweeee what a beautiful blog! With inspiration like this, maybe I’ll actually keep knitting through the spring and summer for a change. So happy to have found you!

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