Spring summarized in a single sweater

Antipast Spring 2013 sweater shirt

I nearly fainted when I saw this sweater — shirt? sweatershirt? — Thursday morning (via Vanessa). This is all of Spring and a world of inspiration contained in a single garment, is it not? Airy panels of sweater pieces stitched onto what I assume is cotton voile. With clever gaps and pleats in the composition. Ugh, where are my smelling salts!! The label is Antipast, which I’ve never heard of before, and the sweater is on the blog of a Charleston SC shop called Worthwhile, but it’s not listed in their webshop. Unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately, because this is so beautiful and brilliant I might part with large sums of money for it, if given the chance.

What are you working on this weekend? Is the onset of Spring impacting your project choices or rate of progress, one way or another?


13 thoughts on “Spring summarized in a single sweater

  1. This is indeed a world of inspiration! Antipast is a knitwear company out of Japan mostly known for their (quite expensive but really awesome) socks. You can purchase those in the US from Barney’s New York (website). I believe the sweaters might be a newer addition to their line. Here is a link to their website in case you haven’t already found it:

  2. Super clever and oh-so beautiful. You can make a version of this with just a little sewing. Of course, the real challenge is finding the right cotton shirt as the base.

  3. That really is gorgeous design work! I especially love the back. I am drooling and the wheels are turning. Good find!

  4. Wow I love it would love to make one if anyone makes a pattern or I will have to design one thanks for sharing

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