Pattern news and updates

knitting pattern news and updates

Remember those colorwork mitts of Thea Colman’s I was drooling over last month? She’s released the pattern. They’re now officially known as Bartender’s Choice.

Remember that great oatmeal criss-cross cable hat with the mustard edge and pompom? I recently came across a pattern that’s a very close match. It’s from Be Sweet; it’s called the Golden Coast Hat; and it’s free! It has a vertical cable in place of the straight rib, so just skip the cabling in that column and voilà. (Update: See also the Bushwick Beanie, mentioned in the comments.)

Remember Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day and loop-stitch collar fame? I mentioned before that she’s done a little printed booklet of her patterns, and the update is that she’s now also selling kits for some of them in her webshop — brown bags containing the pattern booklet and the wool from the ready-to-wear version of whichever design you choose. She’s also been releasing photos of some of her new designs for fall, the lookbook for which you can click through here.

Remember Ysolda Teague? OK, I’m not sure I’ve ever blogged about her before. But in the realm of pattern news, I’m excited about the release of her Blank Canvas sweater pattern — an endlessly customizable, bottom-up, saddle-shoulder pullover.


Also, remember those beautiful bushel baskets in the Fringe Supply Co. shop? A few of you have mentioned coveting them, so I wanted to note that there’s been a little run on them lately and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get them again. So if you’ve had your eye on them, best to get your order in!


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  1. Great, now I’ve drooled all over my keyboard. Those mitts and hat look like they’ve been made for each other… I love them both!

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