New Favorites: the ultimate Sweatshirt Sweater

purl bee sweatshirt sweater knitting pattern

I really only have three words to say about this Sweatshirt Sweater pattern from Laura* at The Purl Bee: Oh. My. God. So classic and cozy, and yet so utterly cool! Look at those great raglans. But it excites me for another reason as well. A few years ago, J.Crew did a (deep V-neck) sweater with a kangaroo pouch like this — beautiful soft colors in some fuzzy blend of wools. I had to have it, and coughed up what was a lot of money for me at that moment in time … but had to send it back because it was way too warm for me. And I have mourned it ever since. But thanks be to knitting (and Laura!) I can make this one in any fiber and color I like, including a nice SF-summer weight one. Along with iconic sweatshirt grey, of course.

Speaking of pullovers, this week’s ICYMI post (in aid of the top-down tutorial in progress) is How many shapes can a pullover take?


*I wish I knew all of their last names.

11 thoughts on “New Favorites: the ultimate Sweatshirt Sweater

  1. I’ve been eyeing this too! It looks so cozy and is such a classic cut. I can imagine doing pops of bright colors on the ribbing just to add a bit more flair. I love it. I need to make this.

  2. I was just at Purl Soho over the weekend and basically petted every single sample they had in the store. I didn’t see this one – thank goodness as I probably would have put it on and never taken it off!

  3. …curious what yarns you might be thinking of using? because SF-summer is kind of like Atlanta-spring/fall and this time of year I am done with wooly!

    • I know what you mean. Mentally, I want to lighten up. But realistically, a wool sweater is never totally out of place here — can be lifesaving in the evenings. So I’m wondering about blends — maybe something wool and cotton, or wool and silk? I don’t like linen sweaters, or at least I haven’t had good luck with linen sweaters wearing well in the past, so I have the idea that I don’t like linen sweaters. Anyone know of a cotton that’s really pleasant to knit with? Not too stringy.

  4. I love Purl Bee patterns! This sweater is amazing, and it looks like something you could wear for a long time.

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