Knit the Look: Elisa Nalin’s pink-striped pullover

how to knit Elisa Nalin's pink striped sweater

I swear I didn’t plan this, and don’t want to seem like I’m waging a campaign. This photo of Elisa Nalin in her striped pullover hit Vanessa Jackman’s blog a few days ago, and I’m going to point you to Jane Richmond’s super-reliable Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover pattern, from which you can easily knit yourself this sweater (just shorten up the body and sleeves a bit). But the fact is, here’s a perfect case of see a sweater, want the sweater, knit the sweater for yourself out of thin air, because you know how to improvise a raglan pullover from the top down. Right? I love this candy-pink and camel combo. To get the same look, I’d suggest knitting with The Fibre Company’s Canopy yarn in the colors Dragonfruit and Wild Ginger. It’s fingering weight, so hold it double to match Jane Richmond’s gauge.

As far as mapping out the color changes, measure from the knob at the back of your neck to where you want the bottom of the sweater to hit you, and subtract the height of the waist ribbing. For stripes placed like Elisa’s, divide what’s left by 6. (This sweater has six stripes, plus waist ribbing in the original color). So let’s say you want your sweater to be 20 inches long, top to bottom, minus 2 inches of ribbing, that’s 18 inches. 18 inches divided by 6 stripes is 3 inches per stripe. So after you’ve knitted the first 3 inches of your yoke (measured down the back), switch colors, then alternate every 3 inches after that. Switch back to the original color for the ribbing at both the waist and neck.

Check out Vanessa’s original post for the rest of the outfit.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

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  1. I’m really digging this “column” of yours! I follow many style blogs and do a similar thing as I look through their outfits. I like how you visually pair them all up though. Mine just get written about sort of lustlusterly. Check them out if you want: Have a great day!

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