New Favorites: Shibui’s spring sweaters

Shibui Mix No 13 and No 16 sweater patterns

I know people are still busy Instagramming their blizzards and that my own sunny-and-70-degree weather doesn’t mean the cold won’t be back for one last hurrah, but whatever! I’m excited for lighter clothes. So these two new sweater patterns from Shibui are appealing to me. On the left is Mix No. 13 by AnnaLena Mattison, a lattice-stitch number that would make a great coverup or layering piece. On the right is Mix No. 16 by Kristin Ford, a featherweight (albeit wool) cardigan with three-quarter sleeves that also looks cute worn backwards. Strange for me is that instead of picturing whatever’s in front of me in neutrals, I’m imagining these two in color.


Quick shop note: Taproot arrived yesterday, so that’s also now available!


15 thoughts on “New Favorites: Shibui’s spring sweaters

  1. I’m loving no.13. I imagine you could also knit it in a yarn with a little bit of lustre for an evening/glamour look.

  2. Nice ! Spring sweaters is Where It Is At ! Neutrals are so delicious … I see the 80’s ‘washed out’ feel in fashion returning… which I loved then, and will love again.

  3. Amazing we look at the same things I got this pattern Monday just deciding on yarn love the blog

    • Lucy on Pinterest suggested neutral+coral, which would look great. I do like neutral/bright combos. But you’re right, too, about any tonal combo.

  4. I was all ‘up with spring’ too but that that has been crushed. heh. Beware…we had a gorgeously spring-y blip which has been replaced by the coldest weather we have had yet!! EVIL.

    • It happens to us every year. Of course, everything starts blooming around here in January. But February and March are almost always utterly springlike and beautiful, and then April and early May are dismally cold and rainy. I’m just happy when there are variations in the weather at all …

  5. This is inspiring me to think ahead for spring. Here in the UK we have snow again!! I love that sweater. It would look great over dresses and shorts with ankle boots. I wish I could knit. I can only crochet.

  6. oh my. I just blogged about these two sweaters for my yarn shop this morning. I cannot wait to knit them both (sadly, lent is the season where I forego buying yarn. and patterns. so I’ve got 16 more days to wait…)

  7. Just saw a video on knitting daily tv about tencel yarn. Always loved silk but it’s so expensive and fragile, but I really don’t like man-made materials. Now it looks like tencel will be a very good replacement. It’s cheaper and stronger. It would be so perfect for Mix No. 13!

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