Wraps, tassels and new goods

Micaela Greg wrap and Ariel Clute necklace seen at Marquee Salon pop-up in Oakland

My pal Leigh and I took a quick trip on Sunday afternoon to a little one-day pop-up in Oakland. Two of my favorite local maker duos were in the lineup: the indigo mavens at Job and Boss plus Micaela Greg, purveyors of beautiful geometric knits. The sisters behind Micaela Greg weren’t actually in attendance, but that square wrap I’ve been dreaming of since I first posted about it was hanging on the rack — that’s it above. Yes, I still want it. No, I did not buy it. But I had an exchange with one of the sisters on Instagram and it looks like I might get to do a little studio visit sometime soon.

Also there was Ariel Clute! I didn’t make the connection with her name until I saw her standing next to dozens of her amazing tasseled necklaces. I’ve fondled a few of her pieces at Erica Tanov, and am a big fan. She does amazingly detailed and varied beadwork in conjunction with a giant tassel or ten, and some of them are just breathtaking. My favorite of the ones she had there on Sunday is pictured above. I’ll have to ask her if she’d be willing to talk to me about these for the blog. She was entirely charming but I didn’t think to ask at the time.

So that’s just a random and belated bit of lust and inspiration from my weekend.


— there’s a Fringe + Sincere Sheep + KnitKnotes giveaway at One Sheepish Girl (announcing later today?);

— I’ve added the latest issue of the beautiful Kinfolk quarterly to the shop;

— and I’m now doing some international shipping. For details on how that works, see the FAQ!


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  1. Catching up on some missed posts. I love those tasseled necklaces! Might need that Kinfolk issue…

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