Remind me to shoot my next sweater like this

sexy bulky sweaters

Kidding! You will never see me pants-less on the Internet. But you know I love these two ultra-simple, sexy-bulky sweaters, and I love the spare photos as well. The blogger who knitted the turtleneck calls it her Three Movies Sweater and posted her bottom-up pattern notes here. The other is a Martyna Galla photo of model Olga Butkiewicz (by way of a juicy Tumblr with the clever title of CO-K-BO). I have no idea what the origins of the sweater are, but if you know the even barest bones of top-down sweater theory, you can whip that one right out. CO, K, BO indeed. Both are on my to-make list.


(Hat tip to MJK, on whose Pinterest boards I first saw both of these.)

8 thoughts on “Remind me to shoot my next sweater like this

  1. These. Are. FANTASTIC! I wish I knew the “barest bones” of a top down sweater….I need to get on that because I need one or both of these. :) Happy Wednesday dear Karen! Thanks!

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