New Favorites: Borealis

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I’ve been really enjoying all the yarny play-by-play that Design Sponge’s Instagram challenge has prompted*, but my favorite thing to appear under the hashtag so far is Cal Patch’s latest crocheted shawl — a geometric wonder in the making. I happened to see a tweet of hers linking to the shot above and asked her whether she was freehanding it or what. Turns out it’s her own brand-new pattern, Borealis, and she’s posted several progress shots since. Like the recent Fave Haiku, it seriously makes me want to brush up my crochet skills.

borealis crochet shawl pattern cal patch


*My contributions over the weekend showed my progress as far as the elbow of the first sleeve of that ivory pullover, followed by my ripping it back to the neck. I re-knit the yoke on Sunday and am so happy I did — I just really didn’t like the look of the m1 raglans on this one.

9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Borealis

  1. Help! I’ve fallen in a yarny slump, and I can’t get up! It’s all I wanna do, but work just weighs me down! That Haiku is to die for.

  2. Beautiful pattern! I started it over the weekend and it’s so fun and amazing to watch it grow! Ms. Cal Patch is a wonderful designer!!!

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