Best of the best of Pre-fall 2011

no. 21 allessandro dell'acqua pre-fall 2011 sweaters

Yes, I said two-thousand-eleven. The pre-fall 2013 collections have mostly just bored me to tears. If I had to pick a favorite look from it all, it would be this prissy uptown ensemble turned into logowear, from Allesandro Dell’Aqua at No. 21. (I love the shape of that pullover. And ohhh, camel.) But that look — and all the boredom — made me nostalgic for Dell’Aqua’s pre-fall 2011 collection, which I never tire of looking at. And since it predates this blog, here you go! What I loved about this collection was the truly odd — but totally brilliant — color palette, (and the print, and the parkas, and the gloves, and those bizarre fringed tights!,) and all the simple sweaters dropped into these eccentric-elegant ensembles. I still want to redo my entire wardrobe in these colors, including the knitting of multiple ultra-boxy short-sleeved pullovers to wear with narrow pants in Dell’Acqua-ish prints. I mean, don’t you?

Hopefully this will tide us over until the Fall 2013 clothes start walking down the runway … very, very soon.


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  1. In a fashion-y related segue, there have arrived to Knitterly more Isager knitting books as were the hot topic last (?) week. Call now to reserve yours!! They’ll go quickly, I’m certain!

    • It is characteristically lovely and restrained. My husband had recently tossed out the Olsen twins as a random example of Hollywood brats or something, and I was like “Do you know who they are now?!”

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