Best or worst of Pre-fall 2013?

stella mccartney blue boucle sweater

OK, it’s neither. I haven’t seen the best yet, hopefully, and Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel collection is my pick for worst. (A crime against knitwear, if you ask me.) (Not that anyone did.) But I can’t decide whether I love or hate this Stella McCartney peacock-blue bouclé sweater. I’ve been trying to think what breed of Muppet my friend Leigh would class it as (Leigh?), and yet I love the proportion, and it’s weirdly compelling with those amazing pants. Makes you wonder what it would be like to knit an entire sweater in loop stitch.

What do you think — thumbs up or down on this one?


15 thoughts on “Best or worst of Pre-fall 2013?

  1. Thumbs down and a disappointment because I am a fan of Stella. Looks like Big Bird fell into the blue dye vat! On the other hand, if they had paired it with a pair of skin tight blue leather ankle length pants and a pair of light gray patent leather ankle boots or heels, but that is a total stretch.

  2. a little shorter (or longer, dress?), and without the ribbing on the cuffs and bottom and there may be some potential – but not as it is. it does look cozy though.

  3. Totally thumbs down for me! That sweater makes the model look like she’s huge when she isn’t, I can’t even imagine what it would do to anyone with a bit of curves (which is basically what andresue said, but I typed it before I saw hers ;) ).

  4. Hmmm, love the color and the texture could be amazing in a different shape. I love slouchy, over-sized pullovers but this one leaves me cold (when it should make me think warm and cozy, right?).

  5. Not a fan of the blue sweater (though yes, the pants and colour are awesome). But I have to be honest, I’m weirdly loving the cray cray Chanel knitwear mashup. Not that I would wear any of it…

    • I was really encouraged (optimistic?) (tricked, really) by that opening look on Stella Tennant (love). Then a few ok things. Then the farther and farther I went, the more horrified I got. I’m just not a fan of what he’s been doing in recent years. The production design of the shows is always amazing. But the clothes …

  6. I kinda like it, and I am not a huge Stella fan. But her knits have shown some interest. Been attracted to this kind of thing lately, as my pins will show. And yes- I love the color AND those pants!

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