Do the Guinness people know about this?

purl bee giant granny square blanket

Apparently the largest crocheted blanket Guinness has recorded is 81 x 38 feet, completed in 2007 by a woman named Daphne O’Connor. But was it a single granny square? The website doesn’t specify. Anyway, regardless of whether it might be the world’s largest, I’m amused by the latest Purl Bee pattern — the Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket, a single granny square giant enough to act as a bedspread. Of course, ever since it hit the interwebs I’ve been mentally draining it of all that color and imagining what it would look like in a solid charcoal, or a single color in an outward ombré effect, or all neutrals, or even ebony and ivory. Our kittens would make a hash of it, so it’ll never happen, but it’s fun to visualize.


3 thoughts on “Do the Guinness people know about this?

  1. Shall I double dare you to try? An outward ombre effect would be a show stopper. Just imagine how many friends will HAVE to go into your bedroom to stare and admire it!

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