Double Basketweave Cowl

UPDATE JULY 2018: I’m thrilled to be revising the recommended yarn for this pattern from the original (Sincere Sheep’s Luminous DK) to Sincere Sheep’s US-raised and -milled Cormo Sport — read an interview about the yarn here. The materials list and photos have been updated to reflect the new yarn; everything else about the pattern remains the same!

Double Basketweave Cowl - free pattern

Ever since I knitted that Jumbo Basketweave Cowl, I’ve been wanting to do another version — at a thinner gauge and long enough to wrap twice around my neck. And from the moment I first laid my hands on Sincere Sheep’s indigo-dyed yarn, I knew I had to knit with it, and that I wanted it piled up around my neck. So the two urges merged into this Double Basketweave Cowl. Double because it loops twice, because it’s knitted with two strands of yarn, and because I love it doubly as much as the jumbo version. It’s the knitwear equivalent of that most beloved and worn pair of blue jeans.* You can now get it as a kit!

It can also be knitted with a single strand of chunky-weight yarn, click here for the slight pattern tweaks for that.

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This is a super simple, easy to memorize knits-and-purls stitch pattern, knitted in a bouncy US Cormo wool, held double. Comfort knitting, in other words, and suitable for newer knitters. Feel free to knit more or fewer rows of the basketweave pattern for a wider or narrower cowl, but that will change yardage used. If adjusting for the circumference, multiply your stitch gauge by whatever you want your circumference to be, then round to the nearest number that is divisible by both 4 (for the ribbing) and 6 (for the basketweave pattern).


  • 2 skeins Sincere Sheep Cormo Sport (400 yards each; pictured in Anja* and Bare), or approximately 640 yards sport/DK/light-worsted yarn, held double throughout
  • US10.5/6.5mm circular needle (32″ recommended)
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Measurements: (after blocking)

  • Gauge: 4 sts and 5.25 rounds = 1″ in basketweave
  • Size: 48″ circumference, 9″ tall


With yarn held double, CO 192 sts. Place marker and join in the round, making sure sts are not twisted around needle.
Ribbing round: [k2, p2] to end.
Repeat ribbing round 3 more times.
Next round: Knit.
Begin 10-round basketweave pattern (below); work it 4 times in full.
Repeat ribbing round 4 more times.
BO loosely in pattern.
Block as desired. Weave in ends.

Basketweave pattern:

Rounds 1–4: [k2, p4] to end.
Round 5: Knit.
Rounds 6–9: p3, k2, [p4, k2] to last st, p1
Round 10: Knit.


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BO = bind off
CO = cast on
k = knit
p = purl
st(s) = stitch(es)

[ERRATUM: There was an error in the original version of this pattern, in the instructions for Rows 6-9 — the repeat was indicated in the wrong spot. It was corrected here on December 15, 2013. If you saved or printed the pattern before that date, please be sure you’re working from a more recent version.]

*Note that when using indigo-dyed yarn, as with a new pair of blue jeans, there will be some color transfer. Expect your hands to turn slightly blue while knitting (it washes right off) and for the soak water to turn blue when blocking the finished piece. After that, the dye should be set.










28 thoughts on “Double Basketweave Cowl

  1. That looks so good, and so warm. I probably need this one too, don’t I? ;) Thank you for writing the pattern, Karen. Yay! You’re filling up my to-do list again! :)

    • It is really nice and warm, but not HOT, which I love — and definitely some very squishy goodness. Pretty much perfect.

      I have to say, the Luminous was so lovely to knit with. Beautifully tied skeins, no kinks or knots in the yarn, no breaking or splitting. I’m debating with myself over which other colors (and how much) I need to add to my stash.

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  5. Is there a reason this is knit with yarn held double? Would you not recommend using a heavier weight rather than holding a DK double?

    • Hi, Nora. You could definitely do it with a chunky yarn, or with DK held single, or whatever your heart desires. I wanted to work with this particular yarn but wanted the cowl to be chunky, so I held it double.

      Of course, if you use a different yarn or weight, that will affect your gauge and thus the overall size of the cowl, so do a gauge swatch and some calculations to get it to the circumference you like. See the notes at the top of the pattern about stitch count and necessary multiples for the pattern to work out.

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  8. why am I getting a blank page with your downloads?? very frustrating after going thru all the steps and ending up with a blank page!! Help!!!

    • Hi, Mary. Do you mean you’re downloading the cowl pattern PDF through Ravelry and getting a blank document? I just did it myself and it downloaded fine, so I’m honestly not sure what the problem might be. Is the download completed before you open the file? And what program are you opening it in once it’s downloaded?

    • If you are getting a blank page when you download check your software, the most common reason for this to occur is out of date or not updated software.

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  10. Karen, can you use a marled yarn for this pattern too? Seems like it’s just enough pattern to show but not enough to get lost. Thanks.

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  12. Hello there, this is a wonderful pattern, unfortunately I live in a country where I cannot find the wool you described, I have a lot of Double Knit, may I use this? And what size needle?

    • The recommended yarn is a dk weight yarn, but you would have to gauge it out to get the correct dimensions. Using dk you have doubled wouldn’t change the needle size 6.5mm or a 10.5 US or a size 3 UK. I have the same issue obtaining the yarn so I’m also going to use what I have.

  13. I think this is a great pattern. I like it and I think that I may have a pattern for a hat to match it! I have just begun to wear cowls and realize how warm they are. They make a great fashion statement, especially if you change up the yarns. I will be using this pattern many times making gifts for Christmas!

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  15. Karen,

    I am a novice knitter and needed to find out when working in the round on this pattern do I add one more stitch to the 192 stitches?

  16. Love the pattern, but confused. Is Luminous the name of the manufacturer? If I use #3 DK yarn, should I still knit 2 strands together?

  17. I did a tutorial on the basketweave in crocheting which was crazy, hdc and crocheting around hdc posts from from and back and I needed a nice flat basketweave like yours here. I am going to make this cowl because I will wear it but also because I think it will prepare me to locate a better pattern for crochet. Do you have anything in basketweave in crochet which will have the look and feel of this knitted pattern? Thanks — your stuff is GREAT!

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