It’s all about elbow patches

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Elbow patches are everywhere these days — from classic brown leather to countless modern interpretations. (And they’re not just for sweaters!) I love them all unto death. Unfortunately, they aren’t applicable to my life or wardrobe, since I have a pathological need to roll or push any given sleeve up over my elbow. So I just gather up images and gaze admiringly at them. And also dream up variations on the HonestlyWTF needle-felted heart idea seen here …

Top to bottom, left to right:

1. Simple brown cotton patches on a navy pullover by Brandy Melville

2. Needle-felted hearts in a DIY tutorial by HonestlyWTF

3. Crocheted doily as elbow patch on what I believe to be a Dosa sweater — can anyone confirm?

4. Contrasting front, back and elbow patches at J. Crew

5. Chambray patchwork on floral by Junya Watanabe

6. Gingham inserts — by let me know if you know!

elbow patch shirts watanabe gingham

9 thoughts on “It’s all about elbow patches

  1. These are so wonderful–I love the crocheted one! Now I’m dreaming of a knitted sleeve that starts from a counterpane elbow patch. . .

  2. Me neither…can’t stand them! I was thinking it would work really well to add a motif to the front of an old beige cashmere sweater I never really wear anymore (it is just too dull now that I have learned to knit!). I will blog it if I try it out!

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