Elsewhere, and a heads-up

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I’m making some tweaks to the blog setup, which I’ll elaborate on when it’s ready, but I want to apologize in advance if anything gets wonky here in the next day or three! Meanwhile, assorted fun and/or noteworthy things from around the web —

Evernote is hosting a knit-along — the collision of two of my favorite things.

– Clara Parkes is back from her Knitting Iceland adventure and has posted a lengthy account of it, with pics. (See also, if you haven’t already, Jared Flood’s and Cirilia Rose’s blog posts about their respective KI experiences.) One day I will go on a Knitting Iceland trip.

– The patterns from the popular “Coastal Knits” book are now available as individual downloads (see Hannah Fettig’s and Alana Dakos’ blog posts on the subject). So if you’ve been wishing you could get just the Rocky Coast Cardigan, you’re in luck.

– Remodelista has an interview with Nanne Kennedy about her Seacolors blankets and yarns. I spotted Kennedy a few weeks ago in the finalists for that Martha Stewart contest and her web site left me wanting more. And also really wanting those blankets.


A little lesson in dyeing with red-onion skins.

Some amazing knitwear in a Vogue China editorial.

– And then there’s this yarn-in-the-hair trend …