Blog Crush: Belle Fleur de Lis

belle fleur de lis crochet houseplants

I’m not sure where I first saw a link to this one, but I believe it was via Jaime Rugh. Anyway, Belle Fleur de Lis is the blog of a lovely Belgian girl named Lotte, who attends Lace School in Antwerp (lace school! who knew?) and does some rather intriguing crochet work. She posts primarily about her crochet and her houseplants, but there’s also her bunny Florke and her cat Lopke. It’s all but unreadable, in a literal sense — the text is both microscopic and pale as can be — but your efforts are rewarded with genuinely delightful turns of phrase like “Until very soon again and have a wonderful time creating pretty things.” I love her.


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