How was your weekend?

johanna knitting in moab

This is my friend Johanna, knitting and drinking a beer while on a mountain-biking trip in Moab over the weekend with her husband. Am I jealous? Pretty much. She’s raving about the perfect little yarn store there, Desert Thread, the owner of which apparently once sold a bike to buy a spinning wheel. That’s someone I’d like to meet.

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. Hey she was out here in my country! I don’t get over to Moab enough but I have a coffee mug that says “Coffee – still legal in Utah” on it from Wake & Bake coffee shop there. It makes me smile and it always starts a conversation. I went to my alma mater homecoming this weekend, and did some knitting yesterday.

  2. Not as good as Johanna’s! I am in love with that part of Utah, and I could sit right there, knit for days and be perfectly happy. Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, etc., etc. It’s beautiful. Next time we go I’m checking out Desert Thread for sure!

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