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A little weekend edutainment —

– Spectacular find, and a great post about it at Threaded: Orlon! Dacron! Antron! The Great American Knits of Fall 1965

– Delectable home tour and Q&A with Antwerp textile artist Renilde de Peuter at SFGirlByBay: Unexpected Guests: At Swim-Two-Birds

– Spot-on commentary by Streetcolor about a massive yarnbombing on a somber anniversary: Yarnbombing After A Landslide – Brienno, Lake Como, Italy

– Similarly, I loved learning about the ancient tradition of colorfully-patterned wool shoe inserts worn by somberly clothed, 17th-century Icelandic people, as described in this book review: Icelandic Knitting: Using Rose Patterns (How wonderful is that idea?)

Also, congratulations to Knitty on their 10th anniversary issue. I’ll be clicking my way around it this weekend. You?

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