6 thoughts on “Random observation

    • Well, I thought I was still a long ways from the center of that shawl for my sister, and beginning to feel like I’d never get there. But I realized before turning in last night that I’m actually there. I’m cresting and ready to head into the downhill/decrease half of it! And our hot weather has been replaced by cold and fog, so now I’m actually excited about sitting down with that shawl and seeing how far I can get.

  1. Looks like the sweater I was working on is way too small and can’t face starting over on it just now. So I’ve cast on for another Hakusa scarf. I just loved the look of the last one I knit. The perfect size and kinda’ fun. This time not having any Habu stainless I using cashmere instead. Hope it works.

    And I envy the cool weather you’re having!

  2. I was knitting Cinnie, the short version, for Meg.
    It looks like a fun construction. You knit the back panel then pick up on each side of that to form the sleeves and the front. And it WAS fun until I realized it’s too small.

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