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heather taylor l.a. in bloom blogger marni for h&mIn my Evernote is one note that’s just a giant dumping ground of URLs I come across at busy moments that I want to come back to and dig around in. Wednesday night one of them leapt out at me: L.A. in Bloom. It took some scrolling through the blog for me to remember where I’d come across the link: It was a pin on Pinterest from what appeared to be a style blogger I’d not heard of before, about the Marni for H&M collection. And in the pinned image, she was sitting in a funky-cool armchair, dressed all in Marni, looking perfectly charming, and knitting. So obviously I wanted to know more.

It turns out Heather Taylor, the blogger in question, is a gallery owner and a knitter, and she’s recently taken up weaving — in a very ambitious way. From what I’ve seen so far, she blogs about food and books and flowers and art and fibery things, and she comes across in the blog just as charming as she did in that knitting-in-Marni image. I put her blog straight into my feed reader, and I’ll be digging deeper into the archives as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, one of the posts that caught my eye was about a yarn store and weaving studio in L.A. by the name of Pets with Fez! Heather had just been there for the first time in January:

… a charmingly cluttered weaving studio Highland Park. Sadly for Angelenos, the shop is relocating to San Francisco this February and this is the last week to sort through the colorful selection of yarn, books and tchotchkes before they head north.

Wha-huh?! Anyone know anything about this? I need to go there if and when it reopens, but Google doesn’t seem to know anything. (Etsy at least has this video.)


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