7 thoughts on “Projects for a holiday weekend

  1. I love your plans for the weekend. I’m going to join you in creating the weekend away too. I love all of these Karen! I think I might try that bag one day myself….

    I know I’m looking forward to just relaxing and knitting this weekend, even if it is something I’ve had to rip back and start again 3 times. In the itty bitty tosh lace. I will conquer this thing if it kills me, lol. This could be the weekend…

    Have a great time with your projects!

  2. I am planning to make small crochet flowers for my beach slippers. I love the crocheted bowl idea. Can you tell me what kind of yarn would be good to make one of these? Happy Weekend!

    • Hi there. The Purl Bee pattern for the bowls calls for two kinds of Habu held together — a linen and the Copper Bamboo, which is one of those very thin Habu yarns with a bit of metal at the core, so it’s almost like using wire. Holds its shape. I have some but haven’t worked with it yet. But I would think you could use just about anything you have on hand. Those Purl Bee patterns are always really, really thorough tutorials, with a photo at every step, so do click the link and see what all they might have to say about it.

      • Thanks Karen for all the information. I did you and buy some yarn yesterday but I don’t know if it will work. Will try it out and let you know! Thanks again :)

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