Made myself a Habu bracelet — can I make one for you?

habu bracelet finger knitting

I made myself a little finger-knitted bracelet this morning from some Habu wrapped cotton that’s been sitting patiently on my shelf. I’d been thinking since Christmas about reprising that hot pink number I made with my niece, and am not sure why it didn’t occur to me until today that the Habu would be perfect. (I swear it sent me a telepathic message as I was waking up.) So that was a nice little five-minute fiber fix after too many yarn-free days lately.

If this gives you the urge to make your own and you don’t know how to finger knit, this nice lady on YouTube will teach you. I just held together three strands of the Habu. It would also be great with colorful kitchen twine, or jute, or even macramé cord.

I have enough of this Habu left to make two or three more of these (and not much else!), so let me know if you’d like one. If a bunch of you speak up, I’ll draw names or something. (Be sure you leave some form of contact info if I don’t already know how to reach you.)

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