How many shapes can a pullover take?

pullover shapes

I’m glad there’s no way to calculate how much of my life has been spent pondering questions like how many different shapes a simple pullover can take — nor how many future hours I might spend blissfully creating them.

1. Classically tailored: Jane Richmond’s own latest rendition of her great pattern

2. Bell-sleeved: by LyricisM

3. Gigantic: Michael Kors, worn by Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue Nov 2011

4. Slouchy body and half-sleeves: Cosmic Wonder

5. Fitted, 3/4 sleeved: “Tippi” by J. Crew (my favorite stock-up sweater)

6. Sleeveless: Jil Sander Fall 2011

7. Short-sleeved: Phildar pattern

8. Boxy: Michael Angel Fall 2012

… I could go on.


3 thoughts on “How many shapes can a pullover take?

  1. I’m sure someone will try to develop an app to calculate the time we spend pondering, but I too am glad I don’t have it.

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