The mile-high yarn club

I have a little puddle-jumper flight to Eugene and back today. No wifi or TV on these little planes, nothing to do but mentally prepare for my meeting, and my brain works best when my hands are busy. So: knitting.

I put the aforementioned capelet aside over the weekend to work on something special for a friend with a monumental milestone coming up this week. I’ll tell you more about it once it’s in her hands.

7 thoughts on “The mile-high yarn club

  1. Usually I spend my time on planes obsessively reading books, but I can imagine how it would be a good time to catch up on knitting, too. Love the shade of blue in that yarn!

    • I’ve only done it a handful of times and I confess I still feel awkward and conspicuous doing it. But it’s really the perfect time for it.

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