primoeza landscape wrap scarf
acne resort 2012
west elm moroccan poufs
agave attenuata

I’m so excited that Daylight Savings is upon us, I can hardly stand it. I’ve become very intense about not losing my evenings to the internet and/or television, as was the case most of my life. These days, the TV may keep me company while I work, but this is my creative time — and to have daylight still when I arrive home from the office is just huge, always.

If you live in SF or know anything about the Bay Area, you know that knitwear is relevant year-round. But of course the mood is different in spring and summer — even if the temperatures are not. This “winter” has been insanely blue and warm and dry, and “spring” really begins in January here, when everything is in bloom and the hills are as green as they can be. So the dark and chunky knits I love have seemed a bit out of place for months. But my urge to have yarn in my hands at night will not be waning anytime soon. Which means I’m on the lookout for spring knit inspiration.

1. Primoeza’s Landscape Wrap

2. The entire vibe of the Acne 2012 Resort collection, via Style.com

3. Moroccan poufs from West Elm

4. Lush greenness (my own Agave Attenuata)


What is your creative energy like at this time of year? Where do you draw your inspiration?