Industrial granny

crochet circle sample

Hey, so it turns out my fingers do still know how to do this!

The other day, in that crochet roundup, I mentioned Margaret Oomen’s crocheted rock project for The Purl Bee. My immediate thought when I first saw it was Why don’t I have any good rocks around here anymore? But it didn’t take me long to decide that what I really wanted to crochet a cover for was one of the school-supply stools we have scattered around the loft. I always love a good juxtaposition of opposing aesthetics: in this case industrial meets granny. So I did a first draft the other night, basically using the Oomen rock model. It was fun to do but it’s not quite the look I want for this. What I want is something more delicate and spider webby, like some of her fancier rocks. Time for more research.

crochet covered industrial school stool

p.s. These are ever-reliable Cascade Yarns — 220 Heathers for the swatch, Magnum on the stool.

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