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knitting WIPs on shelf

I’m very happy to have gotten my works-in-progress count down to a mere four, but I would like it to be smaller. Not least because I really want these four things to exist and be worn. So I’ve decided rather than having WIPs tucked away in project bags in a bin in the cabinet, they’ll reside on the shelves, in the open, where I can’t avoid seeing them. This should prevent me from starting (too many) new things while others go unattended, both because I won’t be able to stand seeing them clutter up the Great Wall of Books and because it’s very sunny in my studio — all skylights all the time — which can’t be good for the yarn. We’ll see how this works, but meanwhile I’d like to know how you all manage your WIPs (knitting or otherwise). Do you have any rules or limits? Special strategies? Talk to me.

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  1. I tend to say I won’t start another project until the current one is done. But I always manage to see something I really want to do right away. This is usually because I’m working on something knitted and am faster at my crochet projects. So I’ll finish several crochet projects while still being on (currently 3) knitted ones. Check out my page to see what I mean by that. Anyways, when a project calls you it calls you what can you do?

  2. I try to limit my WIP as well, I try to limit to 2 WIP:

    Usually I have one complicated long-run lace project. I work on that when I know I can really concentrate on it.

    The other project is an easy-going mindless project which I can take with me to kniting circles or continue while my dear husbands tells me about his day at the office.

    And then, I have to admit, are there those projects which are almost finished, just need some washing, blocking, taking picture to finally click “finished” in my Ravelry account!

  3. That’s how I started out — one bigger and/or requires-attention project and one simple thing. Then it got a little out of hand. I should strive to get back to that.

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