Happiness is a pompom

one sheepish girl pompom magnets and pushpins

My sincere apologies to anyone who’s eagerly awaiting the next installment of the top-down tutorial. Between especially taxing tax prep and a pile of freelance work, I’ve been too crunched for time to do either the knitting or the writing for it! But I hope to have it together for Thursday. Meanwhile, these cheerful pompom magnets by Meredith Crawford (aka One Sheepish Girl) had me smiling through the stress yesterday, so I wanted to share them. They would have made me grin even if not for the presence of the Fringe postcard* in the pic, but how great does it look in that shot? Love it — thanks, Meredith. Be sure to check out her mini-tutorial for the pompom magnets and pushpins.


*For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s one of these in every Fringe Supply Co. order.

Toward a more dignified pompom

martha stewart living pom-poms

I don’t know if pompoms are more rampant lately than in recent years, or if I’m just noticing them more since my pompomfest last Christmas, but man they are everywhere. And they’re getting the upscale treatment. I’m still grinning at the giant black ones perched atop raffia hats from Burberry this past spring, and now the September issue of Martha Stewart Living has a big ol’ feature story — multiple spreads of pompoms rendered in dignified shades of wool and silk, all lavishly styled, of course, and photographed by the talented Matthew Williams. Now, I love a pompom, but I’m not sure there’s any way to imbue them with the kind of gravitas these shots were asking for. (Most of the projects are such that I can’t help picturing them done in tackier colors, less glowingly photographed for a lower-rent magazine.) And yet, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see me with a cashmere pompom tied to my key chain after this. Just sayin’.