My Oscars ensemble

thakoon addition pre-fall 2012 romper

I don’t remember how it started, only that it started in Readerville, but ages ago I formed the habit of announcing each winter what dress I would be “pretend-wearing to the Oscars” that year, always picking something from the most recent round of shows. This year I’m announcing here, early (before the Spring shows even hit the runways!), that I’ve settled on the above ensemble from pre-fall Thakoon Addition. I can’t be certain that the bed jacket is knit and not woven (it’s probably woven), but there was TONS of knitwear in both of his pre-fall collections and my first impression of it was knitwear. Regardless, this is MY fantasy and I say it’s double-knit! Between the sweater and the split skirt and my favorite biker boots, I’ll be the most comfortable person not-there.

The thing is, I actually really desperately want this whole outfit, Oscars or no Oscars. I’m capable of sewing that jumpsuit if I put my mind to it, and am fantasizing about making a sweater with this same vibe. So if you know of any patterns that might make a good jumping-off point, I’m all ears. The best candidate I’ve found so far is Laverne.