Margherita Missoni’s marvelous marl

margherita missoni marl knit hat

The new site Lifestyle Mirror is part fashion newsmag, part shopping site. The “cover stories” are in the Lucky/Domino vein: Pretty shots of people in their homes, copiously tagged with links to similar items available for purchase. (Although the similarities can be mighty tenuous.) When I saw the above shot of Margherita Missoni, by Dylan Don, the first thing that sprang to mind is the marl-ribbed cowl I did when I was in the midst of that whole Jumbo Stitch Cowls project. I don’t wear it as is, don’t like the way the big ribbing lays (or doesn’t) around my neck, and have been debating between soaking it and stretching it way, way out, or cinching the top so it can be worn as a hat. I’ve been known to roam around with it on my head, pondering. I don’t generally like bulky hats — they create a bit of a mushroom-cap effect on one’s head — but Margherita certainly pulls it off, doesn’t she? Then again, I’m no Margherita Missoni. I think I’m better off going the other direction with this one.

jumbo marl ribbed cowl free knitting pattern